The Fourth Political Theory

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And there everything is far from what it seems to an outside observer. But it goes without saying that the ban on ideology should concern not only liberals, but also leftists. I think he could see that we are coming to this moment, this deep truth of fundamental spiritual identity of civilizations, as they appear on the historical scene after the collapse of liberalism—the last utopic modern political theory. What are the borders, and that is very important and significant. What are the numbers of civilizations that are ready or not yet?

What will be the juridical aspect of civilizational? All that has to be decided now. Dugin observed. Therefore this Mahdi does not become angry except for God's sake, so that his anger does not go beyond what is required in upholding God's limits[xlviii] that He has prescribed; this is just the opposite of the ordinary person who becomes angry because of his own desires or something happening contrary to his own personal aims. And likewise the person who becomes angry only for God's sake can only be just and equitable, not tyrannical and unjust. Now a sign of whoever rightfully lays claim to this spiritual station is that if he becomes angry for God's sake while acting in judgment and upholding the divinely prescribed penalty against the person with whom he is angry, then his anger disappears once he has finished fulfilling that religious duty — to the extent that sometimes he may even go up to the condemned person and embrace him and be friendly with him, saying to him "Praise be to God Who has purified you!

And sometimes the condemned man also becomes friendly with his judge after that, for this inner fulfillment and realization of the divine commands is God's Scale of Justice , and all of God's Mercy comes back to that condemned man. The US political and cultural domination of the South America began after with the demise of the British empire and the start of the Cold War. S domination of our economy brought the very opposite. S would had brought our people down to the Middle Ages. Is it because of your Russian roots or because of your interest in the spiritual decadence of Modernity?

It might be said that the Noomachy unfolds between these three Logoi in their vying for domination, and the reverberations of this primordial struggle are projected within these three noological universes, thus giving rise to internal battles, conflicts, splits, and oppositions.

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Studying Noomakhia therefore demands a more careful dissection of these three Logoi. Each of them can be presented as a philosophical country, organized in accordance with certain rules with their own extended geography and topology of central and peripheral zones, and with a number of internal levels and both common and local hierarchies. These three noological countries are the country of Apollo, the country of Dionysus, and the country of Cybele the Great Mother. The classic expression of this order was the ancient epoch of Mediterranean societies beginning with the Achaean conquests and Homeric Greece.

This type of merchant could have taken shape through the degradation and materialization of the warrior caste which Plato describes in his Republic as the phenomenon of timocracy , or from below through a specific deviation from social type on the part of former peasants or urban artisans. It cannot be ruled out that this was the result of influences that were altogether foreign to the Indo-European cultural circle, such as Phoenician or, more broadly, Semitic cultures, for whom trade was a widespread social occupation.

In the very least, this is what Aristotle presented in his Politics. The authority of king-priests the sacred monarchy transformed into tyranny. The domination of the warrior aristocracy gave way to domination by a financial oligarchy. Well-known pro-Kremlin political analyst Alexander Dugin spoke on the basis of his research about the latest events in Syrian Idlib. Dugin's article was published in some of the Turkish media.

According to the Russian expert, the dramatic situation in Idlib could cause a crack in the Moscow-Ankara geopolitical axis.

The Fourth Political Theory

Dugin predicts: in case of continuation of the Turkish policy in Syria, the split between Moscow and Ankara is inevitable. We present Azeri Daily readers with interesting conclusions of the Russian author. After Damascus won a decisive victory over the Islamic state and the most serious opponents from among the Salafi groups, which were relying on the support of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and indirectly the United States and Israel, those forces that are winners in the tragic and bloody Syrian war -- that is, Russia , Iran and Turkey -- face new problems.

It is significant that the Eurasianists rejected all three of these projects and political theories , and even exposed their disastrous nature. The Eurasianists also predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union from the very onset of its establishment.

The Eurasianists discussed the importance of religion to the life of the people and the state, and the Eurasianists insisted on the peaceful coexistence of cultures and ethnoi. Although the Eurasianist movement proper existed only during the interwar period, it found successors in the Soviet Union and now in contemporary Russia.

Of extreme interest in this regard are the ideas of the philosopher Alexander Dugin, who has proposed the model of a Fourth Political Theory. If Muhammad Iqbal spoke of the need to obtain the collective self Ijtimayi Khudi for a new society, then Professor Dugin is employing the terminology of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger in speaking about the Selbst and Dasein. Was magic the reason for Trump's victory? Gary Lachman used to be the bassist in the rock band Blondie, and is now the author of numerous books about the esoteric and occult, from Carl Jung to Aleister Crowley full bio below.

His latest book is called 'Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump', in it he traces the secret history of western occult, magical thinking from the past to the future and shows how it may have been used to consciously used to elect Donald Trump. Is magic making a comeback?

Dugin’s Evil Theology | National Review

And what does that mean for the future of the world? The whole discourse of post-colonial criticism lies within the unequal and uneven depiction of culture, in contrast to political and social authority within the liberal world order. Moreover, the whole context of post-colonial revolves around the ideological state apparatus by digging out the differences between culture, social gap and political discrimination within the rationalization of Liberal modernity.

Today, there is a heated continental debate between the Liberal Atlanticists and Eurasianists, the latter of whom reject the liberal led modernity of Europe. Moreover, the Eurasianist traces their racial and cultural identity from the Indo-European Chronology and calls themselves as indo-Europeans instead of Liberal modern Europeans — which despite the civic, legalistic criteria of the latter, is in fact a cultural, historical, economic supremacism over the broader Eurasian identity rooted in its people. According to Dugin, European civilization has degenerated and it must be destroyed.

However, to fight the European civilization, Dugin suggests the Eurasianist Federation based on the strategic unity and ethnic plurality with a principle judicial element of the rights of people. We need to begin forming the philosophy of multipolarity that should replace the liberal globalist theory end of history, Western hegemony, world capitalism, unipolarity and so on. If there is such allience, MPW exists already today.

Russia is one of the two major nuclear powers. China is one of the two major economic powers. India joins immediately after. BRI project wnen it includes Russia, is precisely the decisive step toward this multipolar allience. So BRI goes eurasian.

So the idea of conquest by forced was immediately abandoned. The only way to achieve the goal was the politics of alliances directly or indirectly against Sea Power. Rimland can not be Russian. At that moment Russian geopolitical school has discovered the concept of Big Spaces Grossraum , accepted plurality of civilizations that have reappeared after the end of bipolar era and started to develop Theory of Multipolar World.

Democracy today cannot be discussed objectively. One who calls it into question falls out of the field of political correctness. At least initially.

One on One: Alexandr Dugin, special representative of the Russian president

The Fourth Political Theory does not seek to form a rigid ideological structure founded on an exhaustive set of axioms, but rather to serve as an invitation to further build upon what is an initial guiding framework. Traditionalists who ascribe to a more conservative world view need not be put off by Dugin's avant-garde approach towards historically enemy ideologies.

His boldly honest examination - unhindered by any concern of how he will be received - of the previous political theories is illustrative of the principle which is prevalent throughout his work, namely the opposition to the sort of reflexive reaction that stems from ingrained preconceptions, and advocating instead a willingness and ability to acknowledge the positive parts within an overall negative whole.

With this in mind, it may serve to benefit any to cast aside suspicions and scepticism towards this Russian thinker and to refrain from dismissing this innovating work on the basis of the presupposition that seemingly disagreeable notions act as principle maxims within the Fourth Theory. Regardless of where one stands in relation to this seminal work, the Fourth Political Theory is a valuable contribution to the alternative political discourse and, I suspect, will be quick to gain even greater momentum. Get Articles By Email. Contribute Articles. Browse Related Books.

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The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory
The Fourth Political Theory The Fourth Political Theory

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