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… the art of stepping out of your own way.
How to Draw I Love You in 3D Bubble Letters

I think that there is a big difference between popular culture and kitsch. Popular culture is an international language.

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It builds bridges and brings people together. It can destroy stereotypes if used in the right way. I strongly believe that my work should speak a language that people know how to use. Peace should be completely accessible. I have developed a type of canvas where everything is stuck in with pins. In a way, it reflects the instability of my region. It is also a reflection of a huge problem we have in Lebanon that some have labeled as collective amnesia — we try too hard to forget our wars too quickly, our history is constantly being rewritten to suit different political and religious ideologies.

At any point in time, one could completely rearrange my paintings to tell a different story.

Beirut, I love you: Fellows Friday with Zena el Khalil

The physical process of using pins puts me into a state of meditation — this act of repetition creates an environment of peace around me. You see: glitter reflects light. And the more color and glitter I use, the closer I am to the light — to the source. The pink objects and embellishments are my positive energy. I take aim and shoot them into the heart of fear to negate the negative. You are Lebanese but have lived all over the world. What was your path to Beirut? I was born in London but spent the first 15 years of my life in Lagos, where my family had emigrated.

It was an incredible experience, but it forced me to grow up very quickly. On the drive to school every morning, I saw faces and situations that broke my heart.

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I became very angry at the way the world works, with our differences. I was angry about being Lebanese. I was angry about being a girl. I was angry about feeling like there was nothing I could do to change the situation.

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Then I discovered student council and ran for secretary in 5th grade. I made only one poster, drawn by hand, and lost. The poster, however, was pretty good, and I realized that I could draw. I started copying album art of heavy metal bands, and kept getting better. In the 6th grade, I ran for class president and won. I think that was my first site-specific installation attempt. By the time I was done with school in Lagos, I understood there were two things that I loved more than anything: art and politics.

I moved to the UK for boarding school and continued to win school elections with really cool poster campaigns.

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Unfortunately, my high school principal was racist and had a deep dislike of Arabs. In my senior year of high school, when I was school president, he still managed to suspend me and prohibited me from speaking at the graduation ceremony.

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With that thought in mind, I decided to move to Lebanon where maybe I would find other people like me. Maybe I would find home. So you were in Beirut during the Israeli invasion of , which gave birth to your blog, Beirut Update. The first night the bombs started falling, I really thought I was going to die. And I wanted to make sure the whole world knew exactly how and why.

The media were very slow to report on what was going on and I thought I could do my part, or at least tell my own story. I managed to sleep for a few hours, and when I woke up, my inbox was flooded. So many people wrote back asking how they could help. A day later the UK Guardian got in touch, asking if they could reprint my first three emails.

I agreed and they gave me the whole G2 supplement, and soon after syndicated the emails. My letters had gone global. Then a friend helped me set up a blog so people could reach my work more easily. I had no idea then how important blogging was to become for the Arab world. I saw that the more transparent and human I was, the more audience I reached. It was the first time in my life I was so afraid, but in that month, I learned that love was the most powerful weapon.

It was almost a self-defense mechanism: love would keep me alive. And just like Scheherazade, I believed that writing every day would bring me a new day. When you give them I love you canvas art from Canvas Vows, you are taking initiative with a grand gesture that leaves them with no doubt of your feelings towards them. So, when you give love you more canvas art, you are saying so much more than the words printed on the canvas.

I love you canvas wall art is your devotion transformed into a print that can be displayed and seen every single day. I love you more art is more than just art: it is a symbol of your love to your partner. Step 5: Once the order is placed, you will receive a thank you email from Support CanvasVows.

The Art of Loving Quotes by Erich Fromm

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The Art of I Love You The Art of I Love You
The Art of I Love You The Art of I Love You
The Art of I Love You The Art of I Love You
The Art of I Love You The Art of I Love You
The Art of I Love You The Art of I Love You

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