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HKUP Bookshop. At a glance, the Catalan case gives us a more precise understanding of how demands for sovereignty are being implemented in a stateless situation. The Catalan process has been recently interpreted and analyzed from a wide variety of political stands. Sovereignty, democracy and territory are three of the most fundamental concepts in contemporary politics.

The relationship to one another has not yet been explored in a productive manner. The construction of a new state in the Basque country addresses this question from a pro-independence viewpoint. It does so from and within the reworking of a new understanding of sovereignty, democracy and territory.

Sovereign state

The actual act of reworking such concepts turns the pro-independence movement into a key position within the political landscape — not only because of the demands that are contained in such movement, but also, more exactly, for what this position implies in the understanding of politics proper on a larger scale. The prospects of developing radical democratic politics in stateless nations remain largely unexplored. In addition, liberal thinkers tend to dismiss national sovereignty as a possible path to democratize institutions and states, and defend instead that democracy can be sustained without any locally territorialized political capacity.

Tansey, 2. One consequence of the crisis of the neoliberal order in Europe is the increased interest on the idea of sovereignty. Economic globalization, together with the worsening of employment conditions and rising poverty levels in Europe and worldwide, has restated the notion of sovereignty at the centre of current political discourse.

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In addition, neoliberalism is also disrupting community bonds and opening up a new space where emancipation projects and authoritarian reaction are competing against each other Zubiaga, Moreover, the European global neoliberal institutions support the principle, in this context, that democracy may work without any kind of sovereignty Goikoetxea, 6. This idea, we believe, is as unrealistic as it is dangerous.

Following Hinsley 2 , the concept of sovereignty is closely linked with the state.

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However, recent works have reappraised the concept and provided a new understanding beyond the constraints of the state. Sovereignty is now understood as closely linked to democracy, and vice-versa. Furthermore, we understand sovereignty as a prerequisite for democracy to be such. Democracy was defined in Athens as the rule of the people. Nowadays democracy is commonly known as a system of government in which citizens exercise power from elect representatives or from themselves to form a government.

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Democracy is also commonly understood as the rule of the majority. We think that a concept of such an importance should be defined as concretely and specifically as possible.

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Following the classical Greek understanding of the concept, we propose to define democracy as the formal and material political capacity of a community to govern itself. The above is not just a right but also a capability. Linked to this position we believe it is impossible to achieve global democracy without taking local democracy into account. Cetonia Wuiou , a friend in the Kelhetoma deep-water ceremony. Cava tiui chyn chelma review microservices.

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Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition
Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition
Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition
Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition
Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition
Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition
Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition
Sovereignty, 2nd Edition Sovereignty, 2nd Edition

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