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Students met in their group approximately twice in a week.

Academy Module 7 : ICT Project Management in Theory and Practice - Session 2

They developed a proper agenda each time and discussed it during the meeting. Weekly meeting minutes prepared by the groups described the events of the meeting, starting with a list of attendees, a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related responses or decisions for the issues, what was discussed and achieved since the previous week, and what were the outstanding items be completed before the next meeting. All meeting minutes were signed by each of the participants before the start of the next meeting.

The meeting minutes were collected in a report to monitor the progress of the work; the report was checked against a rubric on written reports. The progress of the submissions phases were discussed within the multidisciplinary groups of students, based on the influential work of each group member, and many samples of projects under construction in Doha Qatar.

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Linking multidisciplinarity to project outcomes was problematic since many changes in definitions, assessment and numerous factors concerned rose up during the project between groups. Turner, J. RESULTS Starting with the financial considerations, regarding the fundamentals of building costs, such as financial feasibility, estimating costs with an emphasis on life-cycle cost accounting, students demonstrated their ability to use the basic principles of architectural practice management such as project planning, time management, risk management, mediation and arbitration, and recognizing trends that affect practice.

All the students submitted their project report respecting the deadlines. Many groups of students interacted collaboratively for the whole duration of the project, not only demonstrating their ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and with other multidisciplinary groups to successfully complete their projects.

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Particularly for the QRSSC competition, the submitted videos addressed objectives such as raising awareness about the danger of speeding on the road, the importance of wearing seat belts, the importance of using baby car seats booster and other measures relevant and useful to road safety in Qatar. All the submitted videos were original, not including pictures or videos from any other sources and not containing any interview and completely shot in Qatar and they can be promote by QRSSC as message for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes without compensation.

Students provided conclusions and recommendations, demonstrating their ability to recognize the dialectic relationship between Project Management and the multidisciplinary approach to recognize the diversity of needs, values, behavioral norms, and social patterns as they relate to the creation of the safe built environment of roads in Qatar. We have also described the methodology used and some of the issues which have arisen in developing this approach and how the research is still facing an initial phase of development, to be further investigated.

IT Project Management Theory vs. Practice

In giving this partial view of a complex, long-term project it is not possible to describe the full process of evaluation and the outcomes of every single group project in more detail. Only some aspects of evaluation have been referred to briefly and the principle outcomes, but they need to be implemented and investigated through further ongoing multidisciplinary collaborations between students and disciplines in other courses. The investigation included a wide range of research activities, detailed review of the state of the awareness regarding the road safety in Qatar, and site survey and analysis.

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  4. However, most of the deliverables and outcomes are still in their preliminary stages. The managerial tools, deliverables and outcomes are similar to those which might be encountered in normal professional practice.

    Department of Real Estate and Construction Management

    The concept of re-designing for the purpose of road safety as a research activity may be difficult to recognize given this similarity, which establishes the relationship, analogies and differences between theory and practice in project management. As already pointed out, the students, working as researchers, rather than professional practitioners, had the opportunity to use their skills to represent and develop a hypothetical proposition in a form which is widely accessible and suitable for many forms of evaluation.

    Despite the fact that previous studies on interaction between theory and practice offered various degrees of value to the research field, some limitations and debates still await further investigation. In addition, the significant changes associated with the construction industry and project management in theory also provide opportunities for future research. All the outcomes need to be further investigated and compared with other similar outcomes from other multidisciplinary projects.

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    This paper includes an invitation to researchers and practitioners to contribute to or collaborate in this process. This paper provides a framework that any individual or organisation can use as a basis for immediate implementation of SRM in any project or organisation.

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    You can start or join in a discussion here. Visit emeraldpublishing. The participants will experience the dynamics and the teamwork that make working in projects so special. The theme of sustainability adds a unique dimension to the course, as it makes the participants aware of the role of projects and project managers in realizing sustainable change. The content has been developed from the perspective of projects as temporary organizations that realize change in, or between, organizations. The course follows the logical phasing of a project:. Next to these project management activities, the participants will engage in peer-observation, reflection and feedback in order to enhance the learning experience.

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    Project management theory and practice Project management theory and practice
    Project management theory and practice Project management theory and practice
    Project management theory and practice Project management theory and practice
    Project management theory and practice Project management theory and practice
    Project management theory and practice Project management theory and practice
    Project management theory and practice Project management theory and practice

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