Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms

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Video from cameras is fed into processors that analyse the changing characteristics of the video image as vehicles pass. The cameras are typically mounted on poles or structures above or adjacent to the roadway.

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Most video detection systems require some initial configuration to "teach" the processor the baseline background image. This usually involves inputting known measurements such as the distance between lane lines or the height of the camera above the roadway. A single video detection processor can detect traffic simultaneously from one to eight cameras, depending on the brand and model.

Rototilt ICS - Innovative Control System

The typical output from a video detection system is lane-by-lane vehicle speeds, counts, and lane occupancy readings. Some systems provide additional outputs including gap, headway, stopped-vehicle detection, and wrong-way vehicle alarms. Bluetooth is an accurate and inexpensive way to transmit position from a vehicle in motion.

An Intelligent Automated Door Control System Based on a Smart Camera

Bluetooth devices in passing vehicles are detected by sensing devices along the road. If these sensors are interconnected they are able to calculate travel time and provide data for origin and destination matrices. Compared to other traffic measurement technologies, Bluetooth measurement has some differences:.

Since Bluetooth devices become more prevalent on board vehicles and with more portable electronics broadcasting, the amount of data collected over time becomes more accurate and valuable for travel time and estimation purposes, more information can be found in. It is also possible to measure traffic density on a road using the audio signal that consists of the cumulative sound from tire noise , engine noise, engine-idling noise, honks and air turbulence [ disambiguation needed ] noise. A roadside-installed microphone picks up the audio that comprises the various vehicle noise and audio signal processing techniques can be used to estimate the traffic state.

The accuracy of such a system compares well with the other methods described above. The data from the different sensing technologies can be combined in intelligent ways to determine the traffic state accurately.

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A Data fusion based approach that utilizes the road side collected acoustic, image and sensor data has been shown to combine the advantages of the different individual methods. The in-vehicle eCall is generated either manually by the vehicle occupants or automatically via activation of in-vehicle sensors after an accident. When activated, the in-vehicle eCall device will establish an emergency call carrying both voice and data directly to the nearest emergency point normally the nearest E public safety answering point , PSAP.

The voice call enables the vehicle occupant to communicate with the trained eCall operator. At the same time, a minimum set of data will be sent to the eCall operator receiving the voice call. The minimum set of data contains information about the incident, including time, precise location, the direction the vehicle was traveling, and vehicle identification. The pan-European eCall aims to be operative for all new type-approved vehicles as a standard option.

Depending on the manufacturer of the eCall system, it could be mobile phone based Bluetooth connection to an in-vehicle interface , an integrated eCall device, or a functionality of a broader system like navigation, Telematics device, or tolling device. The EC funded project SafeTRIP [ citation needed ] is developing an open ITS system that will improve road safety and provide a resilient communication through the use of S-band satellite communication. A traffic enforcement camera system, consisting of a camera and a vehicle -monitoring device, is used to detect and identify vehicles disobeying a speed limit or some other road legal requirement and automatically ticket offenders based on the license plate number.

Traffic tickets are sent by mail. Applications include:. Recently some jurisdictions have begun experimenting with variable speed limits that change with road congestion and other factors.

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Typically such speed limits only change to decline during poor conditions, rather than being improved in good ones. One example is on Britain's M25 motorway , which circumnavigates London. Initial results indicated savings in journey times, smoother-flowing traffic, and a fall in the number of accidents, so the implementation was made permanent in Further trials on the M25 have been thus far proven inconclusive.

A paper was written about using RFID for dynamic traffic light sequences. It circumvents or avoids problems that usually arise with systems that use image processing and beam interruption techniques. RFID technology with appropriate algorithm and database were applied to a multi-vehicle, multi-lane and multi-road junction area to provide an efficient time management scheme.

A dynamic time schedule was worked out for the passage of each column. The simulation showed the dynamic sequence algorithm could adjust itself even with the presence of some extreme cases. The paper said the system could emulate the judgment of a traffic police officer on duty, by considering the number of vehicles in each column and the routing proprieties. Japan has installed sensors on its highways to notify motorists that a car is stalled ahead.

Communication cooperation on the road includes car-to-car, car-to-infrastructure, and vice versa. Data available from vehicles are acquired and transmitted to a server for central fusion and processing.

Can anyone help me build a RC tracked vehicle?

These data can be used to detect events such as rain wiper activity and congestion frequent braking activities. The server processes a driving recommendation dedicated to a single or a specific group of drivers and transmits it wirelessly to vehicles. The goal of cooperative systems is to use and plan communication and sensor infrastructure to increase road safety.

The definition of cooperative systems in road traffic is according to the European Commission : [13] [14]. Each year the event takes place in a different region Europe, Americas or Asia-Pacific. New mobility and smart transportation models are emerging globally. Bike sharing , car sharing and scooter sharing schemes like Lime or Bird are continuing to gain popularity; electric vehicle charging schemes are taking off in many cities; the connected car is a growing market segment; while new, smart parking solutions are being used by commuters and shoppers all over the world.

Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms - Google книги

All these new models provide opportunities for solving last mile issues in urban areas. Mobile operators are becoming a significant player in these value chains beyond providing just connectivity. Dedicated apps can be used to take mobile payments , provide data insights and navigation tools, offer incentives and discounts, and act as a digital commerce medium. These new mobility models call for high monetization agility and partner management capabilities.

A flexible settlements and billing platform enables revenues to be shared quickly and easily and provides an overall better customer experience. As well as a better service, users can also be rewarded by discounts, loyalty points and rewards, and engaged via direct marketing. It was officially announced 7 October in London. They connect public authorities, industry players, infrastructure operators, users, national ITS associations and other organisations together.

The ERTICO work programme focuses on initiatives to improve transport safety, security and network efficiency whilst taking into account measures to reduce environmental impact. Representatives from each Department of Transportation state, cities, towns, and counties within the state attend this conference.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Floating car data. Main article: Traffic enforcement camera. This section needs additional citations for verification. Scientists and researchers involved in mechanics, control algorithms, image processing, computer vision, data fusion, or IC will find this book useful.

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  4. Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. In this paper the Master Control System is presented, which allows remote manual control of a number of robots by means of chosen input devices. Main focus is placed on the problem of user friendly control, reducing operator workload and computer controlled intervention increasing safety of subject vehicle. The first idea to replace the human factor in danger zone with unmanned robotized vehicles that was defined and implemented at Military University of Technology has been presented in this article.

    The concept of implementation of components of the remote control system to transform the main battle tank T into Unmanned Ground Vehicle to perform mine clearance tasks and cross-bedding the river has been described. Some results of research of the system have been presented. The paper presents selected original solutions concerning UAV control systems technologies. It presents some tricks created and developed at Rzeszow University of Technology.

    Presented solutions have been developed and implemented into real control systems. They main goal is to improve control precision and increase system functionality.

    Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms
    Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms
    Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms
    Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms
    Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms
    Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms
    Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms Innovative Control Systems for Tracked Vehicle Platforms

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