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On-location shoots are notorious for creating weird and surprising difficulties. What was the most unexpected thing that happened to you in Mexico? This question is a whole interview in itself. The terrain in the areas where we were shooting is very rough. Factor in the heat, the bugs, the snakes, the sandstorms, and how far away from civilization we were, and you've got one very, very challenging shoot.

What really didn't help the situation either, was the fact that for most of the days we were down there, we all stayed in one house! It was a good size place and it was right on the beach, but it was really cramped in there, people slept on the floor, out on the beach, in the kitchen, and there was only one bathroom for the entire cast and crew.

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Several people also got very ill. Our set medic Chris Snow, in between doing everything from digging production vehicles out of the soft sand to pulling focus, had his hands full with several cases of dehydration, exhaustion, all kinds of stomach issues, cuts, bruises, and one case of heat stroke that was so bad, the guy had to be sent home. I even got sick one day with some weird stomach thing. By mid morning on that day, I didn't care who knew. If I had to puke, I'd just turn around and puke, wipe my mouth and then get back to work.

The heat at times was almost unbearable, with temperatures reaching over degrees daily, the amount of water that was consumed was absolutely unbelievable. We had one production van that was just constantly running back and forth to the locations with water. It was super important to stay hydrated, Chris and Clark were always on everyone about that, constantly handing out bottles of water. Food was also a huge problem. The chef that was supposed to travel with us and prepare all the meals, for whatever reason didn't work out and when alternative solutions to the food situation were put into effect, let's just say it was unsatisfactory to the cast and crew.

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I personally couldn't have cared less about the food, myself. I lived on protein bars, Sabritas and red bull, but when you're asking people to come with you to another country and work in miserable conditions for far below their normal pay rate, you have to feed them well. So eventually, Daren came to the rescue and sent someone from the states to cook for us. I remember the first day Carlos got there very well, because it was definitely one of the better days we had down there. I wrapped the crew early, he cooked up all this great food and the morale picked up immediately.

You're known for creating really detailed, amazing concept designs for your characters. What's the concept design like in "Hunter Prey"? The designs of pretty much everything in the movie were inspired by the concept design trends of the late sixties and seventies. I wanted the picture to basically look like it could have been made during that era. Everything is very non linear, almost clunky. There's nothing in the movie that's shiny or sleek. Everything has a very lived in and dirty quality to it.

It's banged up. Simplicity was a big factor as well, especially regarding the fabrics, textures and colors of the costumes. Nothing is too complicated looking, or over designed. I absolutely adore the purity and simplicity of the costumes in the original "Star Trek" series and films like "Logan's Run" and the original Star Wars trilogy. The picture has a very old school, "Star Wars" look and feel to it. That's actually one of the comments I've gotten from several people who I've shown the movie to, including Guillermo Del Toro, who liked it so much, he's shepherding the film through the last stages of post production, giving me advice regarding the cut and contributing his thoughts about where and how the film and my career will be best served.

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Another thing that I did, specifically when I was designing the commando suits, was look at a lot of World War I and II field combat uniform reference. The final designs of those suits actually incorporate authentic leather ammunition pouches and other vintage military items that I bought from on line antique dealers and surplus shops.

They brought a tangible reality to the characters that was very organic Those costumes have a super cool, very retro look to them, especially the helmet, which was heavily influenced by ancient Roman and Greek warrior helmets, that makes them really menacing.

Hunter & Prey . Who is Last Survivor ? Best Fighting Scene You've ever Seen

Like all my other projects, I was very hands on with the props, make-up, costumes, etc I'll always be into that stuff because that's my background, where I started in this business. But what I was most excited about with "Hunter Prey" was the opportunity to finally tell a complete story in a longer format.

Making the transition from artist to the director's chair, over the last ten years has been an interesting journey Like you said, people already know I can make stuff look really cool and shoot pretty pictures, but the real question on everyone's mind with this film, was; "Can he tell a story and work with actors to make a cohesive full length movie? That's actually the part I'm looking forward to the most at this point, watching the movie with an audience. That's when you really know what you've got.

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How did you raise funding for the film? Very carefully. Jan van der Greef. TNO; P. Box ; RA Leiden; the Netherlands. Based on the similarity of migration routes of early bovines and early hominids direct hunter-prey correlation we postulate the hypothesis that early hunter hominids followed the herds of buffaloes and that the dispersal of early hominids pan-Africa is directly correlated to the historical migration of the African buffalo.

Here we postulate the hypotheses that accumulation of specific Triacylglycerols from bovine lard large amounts of unsaturated C; C; C; C; C;C and C TGs in early hominid brain could have contributed to encephalization in human evolution.

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Thus we hypothesize that the unique lipid composition of bovine lard large amounts of unsaturated TGs C; C; C; C; C;C and C TGs might play a role in mammalian encephalization 1. Dietary quality has played a prominent role in theories of human evolution in general and the evolution of the human brain in particular reviewed by [5]. Ideas of brain evolution centring on dietary quality until present this study not been confined to humans and human evolution [6].

They argued that a relatively large brain correlates with omnivorous feeding in primates, which requires relatively complicated strategies for extracting high quality foodstuffs. The importance of a high quality diet, and meat eating in particular, has been a common theme [8]. Dietary quality has played a prominent role in theories of human evolution in general and the evolution of the human brain in particular.

This theory argued that increasing amounts of meat in the hominid diet lead to increasing levels of cooperation among the males in the hunt, which lead to brain expansion and the associated development of cognition, language and symbolic culture. This hypothesis was fueled by the realization that an increase in the apparent consumption of meat correlated with the increase in brain size seen in Homo habilis and Homo erectus.

It was also supported by the recognition in the archaeological record of the basic elements of a hunter-gatherer life-style home bases and food sharing [11]. But what was the source for meat? Though there may have been many migrations out of Africa only the one at around 60, years ago — based on genetic dating — spread successfully.

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In contrast, the multiregional hypothesis proposed that Homo genus contained only a single interconnected population as it does today not separate species , and that its evolution took place worldwide continuously over the last couple million years [22]. The hominin record from southern Asia for the early Late Pleistocene epoch is scarce. In this respect mitochondrial DNA studies were extremely important which gave supportive evidence that as proposed by [23] a large and diverse human population has persisted in eastern Africa and that eastern Africa may have been an ancient source of dispersion of modern humans both within and outside of Africa.

Recently, [24] —as an evolutionary paradigm- described the archaeological findings of a collection of 47 anatomically modern human teeth from the Fuyan Cave in Daoxian, southern China was performed. Results can be interpreted that anatomically modern humans AMH were in the region at least 80, years ago, and possibly as long as , years ago. That is 30,—70, years earlier than in the Levant and Europe. These people were much more modern-looking than hominins in northern and central China.

The discovery adds to the complexity of the human story and shows that much remains to be discovered [24]. Despite these recent confounding paleoanthropological findings of [24] the recent African origin of modern humans, or the "out of Africa" theory OOA , is the most widely accepted model of the geographic origin and early migration of anatomically modern humans. The concept was speculative before it was corroborated in the s by a study of present-day mitochondrial DNA , combined with evidence based on physical anthropology of archaic specimens. Genetic studies and fossil evidence indicate that archaic humans evolved to anatomically modern humans solely in Africa between , and 60, years ago [18].

That members of one branch of Homo sapiens left Africa at some point between , and 60, years ago, and that over time these humans replaced other populations of the genus Homo such as Neanderthals and Homo erectus [19]. The savannas of the world currently are undergoing another phase of change as modern expansion of the human population impinges on the fauna especially the early hominid species In this regard, the human being adaptation began with Homo erectus who approximately 1.

The prominent change was the increased relative brain size that separated Homo erectus from australopithecines [25] Figure 1 which is in conjunction to our initial hypothesis. Figure 1. Human evolution based on skull endocasts of fossil archaic primates and early hominids. We postulate the hypothesis that the early Bovinidae -with as subclass the early bovinae the ancestors of the several buffalo species which inhabited the savannah and migrated depending on the migration routes of the herds of buffalos —were the primary meat source.

Meat and lard of bovines meet all demands for human consumption [1,27]. Figure 2. Map of early diversification of modern humans according to mitochondrial population genetics. Early humans moved from Central Africa to West Africa in this migration. Their descendants include the Bantu-speaking peoples. Thus sin makes men accomplices of one another and causes concupiscence, violence, and injustice to reign among them. All are bound to reparation who in any way are accounted to be the actual efficient causes of the injury wrought, or who, being obliged by contract, express or implied, to prevent it, have not done so.

There are circumstances in which fellowship in the working of damage to another makes the accomplice liable to restitution in solidum; that is, he is then responsible for the entire loss in so far as his partners have failed to make good for their share. But what about the children? Why not at least allow them to live? In effect, the cruel realities of the era sealed the fate of the children. We all know how that story turned out. God was right.

The death of the children in the story of the Amalekites is understandably upsetting to a lot of people.

Hunter/Prey Hunter/Prey
Hunter/Prey Hunter/Prey
Hunter/Prey Hunter/Prey
Hunter/Prey Hunter/Prey
Hunter/Prey Hunter/Prey
Hunter/Prey Hunter/Prey
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