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Getting Started in Scale Modeling. Subscribe Renew Digital Gift. COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search. By Bill Funcke March 5, Kit: No.

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The Fokker Eindecker was part and parcel of the famous "Fokker Scourge" of early World War I, in which German pilots dominated the Allies as the Fokker's effective machine-gun synchronization system allowed forward firing through the spinning propeller. It had crude, limited-run-style plastic moldings and extensive photoetched-metal details that had to be folded to shape.

IL2 1946: Dark Blue World 1916 Fokker Eindecker

However, Eduard's latest Eindecker represents an enormous leap forward in technology with accurate, crisply molded plastic parts and prepainted photoetched-metal parts. However, the old kit was superior to the new in one respect; it accurately depicted the fabric sag between wing ribs, which the new one does not.

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Only rib tapes are represented. The new kit has 94 tan, plastic parts, and a clear plastic windscreen with its own precut painting mask. Included are four wing panels, two types of cowl cheeks, two cowls, two engines, two props, two guns and an optional gas tank behind the pilot seat. Trailing edges and struts are accurately thin.

There are two photoetched-metal frets, one of which is prepainted. The excellent eight-page instruction folder gives part colors and four-view color markings for four aircraft. A fifth scheme is black and white. The aircraft in all five schemes have tan fabric surfaces and a swirled-metal cowl and forward fuselage. The decals are of high quality, but the top red stripe decal for Ernst Udet's aircraft has its instruction-sheet designator 19 printed over the decal.

The fuselage interior is exceptionally well detailed, so it takes a lot of time. It is easier to attach the engine faceplate, Part C33, if you omit the motor-mount parts which you can't easily see, anyway.

Filling is needed for the areas behind the pilot's seat and on the dorsal seam. The lower seam is covered by a strip of photoetched-metal stitching. Use only the rear landing-gear fairings parts B7 , not the front as the instructions call for, or the struts will be too wide. I, presented in May , which was essentially an armed version of the Fokker M. The fuselage structure was fabric covered welded steel tubing and the engine was a 60 kW 80 hp Oberursel U.

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In June , the E. II was presented, using a 75 kW hp Oberursel U. I 9-cylinder rotary engine. The production of both types therefore depended on engine availability and the two variants were built in parallel.

Edgar Brannon- Nr. 1158

Many E. IIs were either completed as E. IIIs or upgraded to E. III standard when returned for repair. III was the definitive version of the Eindecker. This variant was fitted with larger, newly designed wings that had a slightly narrower-chord 1. The engine was the same of the E.

Most of these monoplanes were armed with a single 7. IV as a viable successor, some E.

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IIIs were fitted with twin guns. By late the Germans had achieved air superiority, and the first regularly scoring German ace pilots - notably Max Immelmann and Oswald Boelcke - began their careers at this time. Boelcke's Feldflieger Abteilung 62 began operating the E.

III towards the end of that year. The E. III was the first type to arrive in sufficient numbers to form small specialist fighter units, Kampfeinsitzer Kommandos KEK in early Previously, Eindeckers had been allocated singly to the front-line Feldflieger Abteilungen that carried out reconnaissance duties. With these new aircrafts, by the closing stages of the Battle of Verdun and in time for the start of the Battle of the Somme, the "Fokker Scourge" was over. The three versions of the Fokker E. Max Immelmann was born in Dresden in September , and after leaving school he joined the German army, in , but left its commission one year later to study mechanical engineering in Dresden.

On the outbreak of war, he returned to the service as a reserve officer candidate, being assigned to Eisenbahnregiment Nr. Immelmann started his experiences as an airman operating as a reconnaissance pilot near Lille in northern France. In April , he was assigned to Feld Flieger Abteilung 62, and engaged in combat in several occasions while flying the L.

Aircraft in Action: Fokker Eindecker in Action by D. Edgar Brannon (1996, Paperback)

On 3 June , he was shot down by a French pilot but managed to land safely behind German lines and was decorated with the Iron Cross, Second Class for preserving his aircraft. When two very early versions of the Fokker Eindeckers were delivered to the unit, he received the E.

III powered Fokker E. IV, utilizing the wings and tailplane of the E. III, was initially fitted with 3 lMG 08 machine guns which proved to be 1 gun to many and first appeared in September , although production aircraft did not arrive at the front in larger numbers until March-April The weight of the extra gun and ammunition combined with the extreme gyroscopic forces of the hp rotary engine meant that the wing warping Fokker E.

IV was not the evolutionary success hoped for. By the time the E. IV was beginning to make its presence known over the front lines the appearance of the highly maneuverable French Nieuport 11 and British DH. Most Eindeckers had been withdrawn from front line service by December Any history here is of necessity very brief so we recommend that you seek out the references mentioned below for a better understanding of the various Fokker Eindeckers, but we do so with the following caution; considerable confusion exists about these important aircraft in no small part because of incorrect or conflicting Idflieg and Fokker factory records.

It would appear that the linen covering was dyed, possibly before being fitted to the aircraft, or colour doped after being attached but before being finished with clear shrinking dope and varnish. Norsk Deutsch.

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- Fokker Eindecker in action - Fokker Eindecker in action
- Fokker Eindecker in action - Fokker Eindecker in action
- Fokker Eindecker in action - Fokker Eindecker in action
- Fokker Eindecker in action - Fokker Eindecker in action
- Fokker Eindecker in action - Fokker Eindecker in action
- Fokker Eindecker in action - Fokker Eindecker in action

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