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What’s New in Firefighting

After reaching the site, each firefighter works under a commanding officer and has a specific task to perform. Hose operators, for instance, connect hoses to fire hydrants and then direct the flow of water towards the fire while a pump operator controls the water flow. Those who guide the aerial ladders are known as tillers. Others are responsible for entering burning buildings to rescue potential victims.

While all firefighters must have EMT certifications, some specialize in the task of stabilizing victims once they are brought out of the burning structure. In the case of an automotive accident that does not involve a fire, a firefighter will use their EMT training to care for the injured and secure the scene before ambulances and police arrive.

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They also act as rescuers in the case of natural disasters such as tornadoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Firefighters treat victims of these disasters or search for the missing.

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A firefighter also educates the public and works as an inspector to prevent fires. Inspectors ensure that local businesses meet fire codes and make sure fire escapes, alarms, and sprinkler systems are in place and are in good working order.

Insuring America’s Heroes.

Some firefighters are trained as investigators to locate the source of fires and find evidence if arson is suspected. In addition to firefighting responsibilities, a firefighter must maintain fire apparatus and engage in regular drilling or training.

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They must also stay in excellent physical shape in order to endure the physical demands of their job. Firefighters have distinct personalities. They like tasks that are tactile, physical, athletic, or mechanical. Does this sound like you?

Fire Fighters and Friends to the Rescue | Reaching out to Underprivileged Children

Take our free career test to find out if firefighter is one of your top career matches. With the exception of part-time volunteer firefighters, most first responders live and work in fire stations for extended periods of time. Shifts typically last for 24 hours, so that a full team is always present in the event of a fire.

Monthly, a firefighter works between 9 and 11 total shifts. In addition, they work during holidays and weekends to ensure their community is safe from fire. In the event of a natural disaster, a firefighter may work even longer hours in order to keep the public safe and rescue victims. Cancer incidence among male mass firefighters.

Firefighters use rafts to rescue woman from River Mersey in Warrington

Cancer morbidity of professional emergency responders in Korea. Characterization of firefighter exposures during fire overhaul. Contamination of Firefighter Personal Protective Gear. Cyanide exposure. Cyanide poisonings of providence firefighters. Daniels et al Diesel emissions in firestations.

Evaluation of dermal exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fire fighters.

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Firefighter final report Queensland. IARC2 studies of cancer in humans. IJHS the risk of prostate cancer from occupational exposures in male firefighters.

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LeMasters cancer stora risk among firefighters — UC study. McMaster study of exposures of firefighters during training exercises.

NIOSH firefighter cancer study. Occup environ medPukkala-oemed Occupational health investigation of cancer among firefighters in aacomd. Pa cancer booklet.

Persistent organic pollutants including polychlorinated and polybrominated. Presumption report Assessing state firefighter cancer presumtion laws and current firefighter cancer research. Project summary Natl FF health study. Report of the investigation committee into the cyanide poisonings of providence firefighters. Review of the epidemiologic studies for the association between firefighters and selected cancers. Shaw et al FF cancer poster. Smoke perceptions myths and misunderstandings.

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Firefighters Firefighters
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