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There are two types of thesis for students to choose from. Students with clear career goals after graduation are encouraged to take Applied Thesis and those with potential for research and wish to apply for more advanced study are advised to enroll in Academic Thesis. All students have to pass the oral defense of their theses in order to graduate.

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Applied thesis can be a literature review, a research report, a policy analysis, or any other scholarly writing that conforms to the standard set by the academic programme. We offer competitive teaching and research assistantships.

Social Learning Theory

Students may apply for a teaching assistantship after they are admitted to the program. They may also apply for a research assistantship to work closely with faculty members on their research projects and gain valuable research experience. Our graduates are well trained and are competitive in the job market.

Some of our graduates are currently working in the criminal justice system in Macau including both the Judiciary Police and the Public Security Police, and Macau Prison. Our students were also successful in applying for doctoral study abroad. The graduates commented that the training they received from the criminology and criminal justice programmes enhanced their competitiveness on the job market as well as their chances of being admitted to doctoral programmes. The first two forms of financial aid generally cover the cost of living and tuition expenses.

The graduate assistantships are university-level financial assistance based on the academic merit and the suitability of the student for the Master in Criminology programme. This form of study allows you to contribute to policies and laws that can reduce crime and improve the overall human condition.

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The nature and types of crimes have expanded well beyond those in existence when criminology was an infant discipline. Technology and growing international affairs and influences have spawned white collar crimes such as securities fraud, large-scale embezzlement, tax evasion , serious computer and identity theft and bias crimes. Your work may involve determining the effects of geopolitical or long-standing ethnic or other social conflicts and psychological factors upon how certain individuals may become radicalized to commit terrorist acts.

Our students say the following:

Criminology does have some significant drawbacks or sources of frustration. Many of your assignments will take you to grotesque scenes and people ravaged by violent behavior. You will find yourself exposed to the sight of blood, sometimes fresh, dismembered bodies and other stark images of death or intense violence. Additionally, there arises considerable paperwork. The reports you prepare may span several pages and cover many significant and intricate details.

For the fascination of critical thinking, you are also delving into depressing subjects. After all, serious crime is a manifestation of the depravity of and evil in human beings.

Degree Structure

Even non-violent offenders, especially in the financial or cyber arenas, exhibit characteristics of being sociopaths. Law enforcement agencies employ a large number of criminologists. Beyond public agencies tasked with crime prevention, criminologists may reside among the halls of colleges and universities.

Positions in academia include teaching or research in behavioral sciences, criminal justice, criminology, sociology and psychology departments.

Bachelor of Social Work / Bachelor of Criminology and Justice

Become a tenured professor in criminology or a related field often requires a doctorate or other advanced degree. Criminology opens your mind and intellect to a broad base of knowledge and situations. You also have the capacity to affect reduction in crime and the forces your research and analysis says lead to crime.

An internship with a criminal justice agency, social worker, local or state social services or colleges with relevant academic departments can lead you on the criminology career path. A Day in the Life of a Criminologist: A Synopsis Expect considerable variety from day-to-day in the practice of criminology.

Actually, those are just some of the main functions of social workers in criminology; it would take an entire book to describe them all. Social workers who are employed in some capacity in the field of criminology will usually need to possess a master's degree, and the title of licensed clinical social worker.

Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology

There may be some instances in which a person with a bachelor's degree can gain an entry-level job or be hired on a probationary status contingent upon completing a master's, but those are the exceptions. Social workers must be tough, fair, compassionate, insightful, patient, and have very thick skins. If you go into this line of work, you will certainly have some successful client outcomes, but you will see many, many disappointments.

Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work
Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work
Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work
Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work
Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work
Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work
Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work
Criminology for Social Work Criminology for Social Work

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