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A Very Successful Football Coaching Workshop

Both professions require leadership, dedication, commitment and a strong work ethic in order to succeed.

Resources for Coaches

Just like football coaches, as a small business owner, you must take on many roles to ensure everybody is working together as a team to achieve important goals and operations run smoothly. Here are a few other ways football coaches and small business owners play a similar game:.

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To prepare for a football game, coaches research opponents, develop game plans and determine the best lineup of players who will help the team win. Similarly, when starting a small business, entrepreneurs conduct market research to understand the competition and the key economic conditions and indicators.

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Entrepreneurs also build a business plan , which sets the strategic framework for the organization and maps out the path forward. In addition, small business owners find top talent who will help them execute the plan and beat the competition. Over the course of a game, head coaches make adjustments regularly, shifting tactics to put their team in position to score and win.

They consult with assistant coaches to get advice on what plays they should run. Entrepreneurs also make strategic moves to adjust to constantly changing market forces and customer demands. Coaches typically deliver inspiring halftime speeches that motivate players to give their all and function as a team. Fresh off a Big Ten championship-winning season that ended with a Cotton Bowl victory, Ohio State football coaches were met with largely positive reviews in their performance evaluations, according to records obtained by The Lantern through a public records request.

All evaluations contained both self-evaluations and reviews from the supervisor.

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For the assistant coaches, head coach Urban Meyer provided comments. For Meyer, athletic director Gene Smith wrote up the evaluation.

Coaches evaluated themselves on a scale of one to five, with one being unsatisfactory, two being needs improvement expectations, three being marginally meets expectations, four being meets expectations and five being exceeds expectations. Former wide receivers coach Kerry Coombs did not receive an evaluation because he departed the team before it would have taken place.

Breaking Down the 5 Biggest Differences Between Coaching in College and the NFL

Former wide receivers coach Zach Smith still received an evaluation, with the signatures appearing on June He was fired on July Meyer backed this up in his first press conference since returning from his three-game suspension to start the season, calling opioids and Title IX two of the four pillars that the coaching staff needs constant awareness in with the players.

Smith was fired from his position on July 23 after domestic violence allegations were made against him by his now-ex-wife Courtney Smith and a protective order was made against the assistant coach. In his staff evaluation prior to his termination, Meyer said Smith did a good job in developing leaders within the wide receiver unit, saying it brought momentum as a group.

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  • In his personal self-evaluation, Smith said on-field production in the wide receiver room improved in the spring and the summer and calls for himself to be more creative in play calling. In his first season at Ohio State, quarterbacks coach Ryan Day viewed his first season as a successm giving himself a five on his self-evaluation, while Meyer praised him for his work on developing the offense. Ohio State acting head coach Ryan Day prepares to lead the Buckeyes onto the field prior to the game against Oregon State game on Sept.

    Credit: Casey Cascaldo Photo Editor. Day also highlighted that he helped sign two of the top three recruits in the country in the class. He was highly rated by Meyer as a leader on the defensive staff, complimenting his unit strength and development of the unit.

    9 Key Factors For Coaching the Modern Football Player - Player Development Project

    Meyer gave Schiano high marks for his recruiting skills, with the defensive coordinator marking himself highly for being thorough in recruitment and his productivity in the recruiting process. Ohio State offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson prepares for practice in fall camp on Aug. In recruiting, Wilson said he did a good job in recruiting freshman Jeremy Ruckert and other local players, but failed to get tight ends from the Dallas area or North Carolina.

    Meyer listed recruiting tight ends as an area needed for improvement.

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