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You cannot overwrite this file. The following other wikis use this file: Usage on be-tarask. Horizontal resolution Structured data Items portrayed in this file depicts. Categories : Motorola M Assembly languages. Namespaces File Discussion. Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 14 June , at Files are available under licenses specified on their description page.

All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License ; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Description Motorola Assembly Language. Swtpc en:User:Swtpc Michael Holley. Public domain Public domain false false.

The had support for a light pen , an alternative to a computer mouse. The would execute code, but it had ten additional instructions, and the execution time of key instructions was reduced. The two 8-bit accumulators could act as a single bit accumulator for double precision addition, subtraction and multiplication. The first application was a trip computer for the Cadillac Seville. The MC was the most advanced 8-bit microprocessor Motorola produced.


It had a new instruction set that was similar to the but abandoned op-code compatibility for improved performance and high-level language support; the and were software compatible in that assemblers could and generally did generate code which was equivalent to opcodes that the did not directly emulate. In that sense, the was upward compatible with the The had two bit index registers, two bit stack pointers, and many instructions to perform bit operations, including the first 8-bit multiply instruction generating a 16 bit product in a microprocessor.

Other key points of the design were full support for both position independent code object code that can run wherever it is loaded in memory and reentrant code object code that can be re-invoked when interrupted or by calling itself recursively [83] , features previously seen only in much larger machines such as IBM mainframes.

In they spun off their microprocessor business as Freescale Semiconductor based in Austin, Texas. This would display 16 lines of 32 characters on a TV or monitor. The initial design had to be revised and first deliveries of the Altair B were in April Sphere was a small startup company and had difficulties delivering all of the products they announced. They filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April The Southwest Technical Products computer was the most successful based personal computer. Technical Systems Consultants of West Lafayette, Indiana, supplied tape based software for the and later based computers and, after disk systems became available, operating systems and disk software as well.

The systems were far more popular than the ones. The architecture and instruction set of the were easy for beginners to understand and Heathkit developed a microprocessor course and the ET trainer. The course and trainer proved popular with individuals and schools. Motorola's next generation 8-bit microprocessor architecture, the MC , was not binary code compatible with the , but nearly all assembly code would assemble and run on the ; family peripheral chips worked as a matter of course. The following assembly language source code is for a subroutine named memcpy that copies a block of data bytes of a given size from one location to another.

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The data block is copied one byte at a time, from lowest address to highest. A common requirement for manufacturing companies was to require two or more sources for every part in the products they made. This ensured they could get parts if a supplier had financial problems or a disaster. Rochester specializes in fully authorized device duplication. Freescale has provided all the source design archives to enable Rochester Electronics for this product and others. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Motorola Motorola MC microprocessor.

L beq ch eck ;If cnt. New York: McGraw-Hill. March 7, December 26, Phoenix AZ: Motorola.

Gary; William C. Bruce April The device was built in six-micron NMOS technology with about transistors. Chicago: Motorola. March The Microprocessor: A Biography. New York: Springer-Verlag. Computer History Museum. Retrieved August 9, Bennett is listed as an inventor on 18 M family patents.

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September 20, Boston: Cahners Publishing. About the MOS Technology on page Photo of boards on page 82, description of circuit on page O August November All of the authors were with Motorola's Semiconductor Products Division. Microelectronics News. Santa Clara, CA: 2. Bill Lattin leaves Motorola to join Intel. Phoenix Arizona: Motorola Semiconductor Products. Peterborough MH: Green Publishing.

Leventhal, Lance A. 1945-

Gary December IEEE Micro. Daniels, "My first assignment was to lead a small team to redesign the MPU to make it more manufacturable and so that higher speed versions could be selected. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Variant Press. Most of these patents have six or more co-inventors. Retrieved July 5, Gift from Thomas H.

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Bennett, designer of the microprocessor. This prototype board was constructed by Chuck Peddle and John Buchanan. A History of Modern Computing. April 15, Microcomputer Design and Construction. These ICs produced the two-phase non-overlapping waveforms that the and required. Later, Intel produced the clock generator and Motorola produced the MC The Intel and the Motorola processors included this circuitry on chip. Microcomputer Digest.

Cupertino CA: Microcomputer Associates. September Proceedings of the IEEE. Solid-State Circuits Conference. Digest of Technical Papers. Table 2 on page gives the chip size as x mils. January This paper describes the Electronic Arrays EA microprocessor that was by mils and fabricated on a 3 inch silicon wafer. Digital MOS integrated circuits. IEEE Press.

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A 3-inch wafer can hold dies of by mils. Total yield is Wafer yield x Assembly yield x Final test yield. A 3 inch wafer with die would yield 54 working microprocessors. March 4, Motorola memory chips used MCM as a prefix. October Control Engineering. Intel Corporation. Order number April 17, This book was the instruction manual for the development software. Some of the software listing examples have dates from and Hoff Jr February Motorola's systems-oriented approach influenced the industry; henceforth CPUs would be introduced with full support available rather than on a trailing schedule.

November 14, Motorola's Austin MOS plant already in operation. Santa Clara, CA: 3. November 28, Summary: Semiconductor Products split into two parts, integrated circuits and discrete components. The sales organization lost its sensitivity to customer needs, "delays in responding to price cuts meant that customers bought elsewhere. The troubles are "not in design, but in chip and die yields.

The MC microprocessor "arrived in November New York: Portfolio.

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January 9, Motorola advertisement emphasizing their complete set of peripheral chips and development tools. This shorten the customers product design cycle. Page 10, "While still employed at Motorola, Peddle tried raising money to fund his new microprocessor. Peterborough, NH: Green Publishing.

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6800 assembly language programming

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